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I have released five books (all are written in Norwegian):

2003: "Forunderlige steder", Orion Forlag (ISBN 82-458-0583-1). This book is about some of my journeys so far (until 2003). It includes several places around the globe, like to the mystique White Valley in Peru and the equally mystical and magical jungles of Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Other places and journeys you can read about in this book are the Libyan desert; Dublar Char - the slave island of Bangladesh; a sandy adventure in Mauritania; a trek deep in to Russias Altaj mountains; a journey across the strange Tuva republic in Siberia; a trip from south to north in Alaska; trekking in Zanskar in the Indian Himalayas; alligator hunting in Louisiana; Cotahuasi canyon in Peru (the deepest in America); diving in Sulawesi in Indonesia and driving across the Kimberly region in Australia’s northwest corner.


2004: "Eventyrlige reiser", Orion Forlag (ISBN 82-458-0690-0). The same concept as my first book, with journeys to places like the Taklamakan Desert in China; a trip through the problem ridden Indian Kashmir; a journey across Chad; visiting the sulphur workers inside the volcano of Kawah Ijen in Indonesia; the remote and wonderful Langmusi in China; diving on the Cod Hole on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia; a search for a shaman deep in the jungles of Ecuador; the moon landscape of north western Mexico; driving from Cairns to Cape York in Australia; following the mighty Ganges River in India from start to end and a visit to the strange Mandara mountains in northern Cameroon.


2006: "Eksotiske Norge", Orion Forlag (ISBN 82-458-0743-5). This book is all about Norway. I have written and photographed fairly unknown places in the kingdom of Norway. Including the deep caves of Plura in the north of Norway; the bitterly cold and wild Femundsmarka; the small island of Bjørnsund; diving in the deep Lysefjorden; visiting a family living on a remote farm way out in the wilderness in Snåsa; the old and fairytale like forest of Gutulia and climbing through the deep and wild cave of Råggejavri-Raigi.



2008: "Utenfor allfarvei", Gyldendal Forlag (ISBN 978-82-05-38495-8). A book about travels I have taken with boat, motorcycle, train and cars around the globe the last few years. Ten chapters including my journey crossing Australia from south to north - with children! Meeting elephants, lions and the Himba people in Namibia; visiting the most remote parts of Sahara in Niger; driving along the always interesting Brahmaputra river in India; crossing from Peru to Bolivia with busses, on foot and in cars high up in the Andean Mountains; doing the ultimate trip on a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the USA; meeting tribes and tourists in Myanmar; looking for snakes in the jungles of Costa Rica; traversing the kingdom of Bhutan and taking a small steam train among beautiful rice fields in China.


2009: "Magiske India". Gyldendal Forlag (ISBN 978-82-05-38355-5). This is about India, one of my favorite countries. In this book I'm taking the reader to such places as the Andaman Islands; Tirumala in south India; Meghalaya in north east India; Thar Desert in Rajasthan; Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh; Zanskar in the Indian Himalayas; a train ride from Ahmadabad to Agra; meeting the kind jain people in Palitana and a dive in to the the big city of Kolkata.