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The miserable
In the slum of Kolkata, India, Chandana Ghatak has run an orphanage for more than 24 years. She has gathered new born babies from garbage dumps, gutters and streets, she has taken victims of rape under her wings, housed people expelled from the society due to AIDS, and she has treated mentally and physically disabled people like they were her own children. Today she has two houses for her "children", as she calls all the hundreds of people who have lived with her, or are living with her at the moment. One house is in the slums of Kolkata and one house is in the tranquil countryside just outside the big city. However, the government has decided to remove the slums and build luxury apartments instead. Therefore Chandana's orphanage will soon go down and all her “children” will have to move to a different place. The government has given her a small apartment as a substitute, but it is far from big enough to give shelter to everyone. Here are some photos of Chandana's many “children”.

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