Nikolai, a former martial art champion and soldier in the Soviet Army, lost everything when he fell in love with the wrong woman many years ago. She lured him to quit the army and start a factory sewing uniforms in Vladivostok. But as the border regulation became less strict after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the Chinese came to Vladivostok, the competition became too fierce. Nikolai lost everything, and soon after his wife took the children with her and left him. He tried to find them, but in vain. His ex-wife’s lawyer, however, stayed in contact with Nikolai – forcing him to pay alimony. So Nikolai escaped from the “civilized” world – so no one could find him. Now he lives deep in the forest in Far East Russia in a small cabin. Only a few friends know where he lives, and they stop by to visit now and then. - I miss my children, but otherwise I’m a happy man, he says.

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